The touch of the Silver Foxes

HUUTT’s founders are husband and wife team Steve and Jenny Armitage. Steve is the guy behind many successful British high street furniture ranges and brands with over 30 years’ experience as a designer, buyer and product developer. Jenny has worked in many different creative industries, including running her own art gallery in Whitstable.

The Huutt philosophy

“The idea behind Huutt is closely connected to how we live and how our homes can help improve our sense of well-being and happiness in very simple ways. We’re big fans of the Slow Living movement. It’s all about celebrating the everyday as well as the big events in life, embracing the Danish idea of Hygge …in a very British way.” – Jenny

The Huutt approach to design

“Our approach to design concerns the simplicity of ideas – taking classic shapes or even more contemporary ones and shaking it up by introducing great fabrics, combinations of colours, wood finishes or sewing techniques and tailoring to recreate a great look for the way we all love to live now — plus giving a big nod of respect to the skills of the many super-talented craftsmen and artists who we love to work with at Huutt." — Steve