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We are happy to upholster your furniture selection in your own fabric , should you so wish.

Please note that not all fabrics are suitable for upholstery purposes so you must make sure you have the appropriate type. You can check with the retailer where you purchase your material that it is upholstery grade.

To comply with the very stringent UK rules regarding the fire rating of fabrics, it is imperative that you get you fabric treated with an FR ( Fire Retardant) backcoating. Unfortunately, we cannot arrange this for you.

One option to avoid having the FR treatment, is for us to interline your item with an FR barrier cloth that we supply, but this can ONLY be used where the fabric you are using has a minimum of 70% natural fibre, so please check this carefully.

In the case of the Shaw sofa (which has a loose cover option), we do not have to backcoat the cover,

The price listed on this COM option is for the frame , fillings, sewing and upholstering only, using your own fabric. Should there be a need to use the FR interliner option there is a surcharge of £120.00 per item. Please speak to us about this.

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds or credits for this COM bespoke service.

Some patterned fabrics have a very big repeat measurement to ensure the pattern is symmetrical or appropriately placed, so please check with us how much fabric you will need to buy. A large repeat can add as much as 30% to that needed for a plain fabric !

    There are no dimensions on file for this product. Please contact us for more information.


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