Soft curves and detailed craftsmanship make up this solid wood Emilio "wine" table. Boast your favourite antique vase or serve a show-stopping dessert atop this vintage style table, befitting of any interior style in your home.

60cm Diameter.

Single oak bobbin legs.

 A note on product care :

If you accidentally spill something on the surface please use 1/3 bleach 1/3 water and 1/3 Ecover detergent and very gently scrub the surface with the grain and leave to dry over scrubbing may reveal the redder tones of the solid wood beneath.

For everyday use wipe clean with damp cloth, this range is trying to reproduce historic furniture and thus in natural wood you will get surface scratches and marks from everyday use we hope you will love these the marks you create as a historic record of good honest furniture use.

Any splits can be filled with matching colour bees wax.